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Joining FAME Academy

The FAME Academy is a rigorous out of school time preparatory program for middle school-aged students that serves as the primary path for youth in that age range to be considered as candidates for the FAME Scholar high school program. The FAME Scholar program ultimately prepares our Scholars for college and career readiness. FAME Scholars and their families can receive financial assistance to attend a FAME participating independent school while benefiting from our comprehensive enrichment program, FAME 360. The FAME 360 enrichment program includes advocacy, tutoring, academic consultations, opportunities for paid internships, workshops, community service/ leadership development trips, and college tours.

Aspiring to access the invaluable opportunities built into the FAME Scholar program serves as a compelling and motivating long-term goal for our FAME Academy participants and their families. There is so much that students are offered during their time through middle school with the FAME Academy enrichment program!

We hope you will join us!