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FAME Academy

FAME Academy Program Curriculum Guide

Social Emotional Learning Programming

  • Self-Assessment activities
  • Instructing students toward independent:
    • Time Management
    • Priority Setting
    • Stress Management
    • Self-Motivation
  • Classroom based activities that promote relational and interpersonal skills
  • Instruction that promotes positive self-concept for African American youth who view their school performance as an area of strength

Academic Enrichment Programming

  • FAME Academy 6 Week Summer Multi-Subject Academic Program
  • FAME Academy Weekly Saturday Multi- Subject Academic Seminars (during the School Year)
  • FAME Academy Weekday Tutorial Program (during the School Year)
  • STEM Workshops

High School Transition Programming

  • Individualized student goal setting and high school planning consults
  • Monthly Parent Meetings to guide exploration of secondary school choice
  • High School Entrance Exam Preparation and Facilitation
  • High School Application Guidance
  • Weekly instruction preparing students for public to private school transition

College and Career Readiness Programming

  • Immersive week-long summer “Boarding Experience” at a college preparatory high school
  • FAME Academy Career Showcases
  • FAME Academy Enrichment Trips
  • University of Pittsburgh NSBE Chapter Partnership
  • Carnegie Mellon University NSBE Pre-College Initiative Program Partnership