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FAME Board of Trustees


FAME's Board of Trustees is comprised of a diverse group of 18 dedicated individuals who bring a wide range of expertise and experience to the organization from their respective fields of work. They comprise of leaders in the fields of business and education with seven members being nominated by FAME's partner schools. The Board meets formally on a quarterly basis with multiple committee meetings interspersed throughout the year. The Board of Trustees' focus is on supporting FAME in any way possible to maintain its long-term viability, accomplish the organization's mission, and help it grow to achieve its vision.

2017 - 2018 Board of Trustees:

Vincent Johnson, Chair
Steffanie Jasper, Vice Chair
Divya Annamraju, Secretary
Reginald Coles, Treasurer
Linda Cawthorn Griffin, Chair, Committee on Trustees
Dina Clark, Chair, Committee on Special Projects
Ronald Francis, Esq. Chair, Investment and Finance Committee
Ann Hoover, Chair, Fund Development
Shawn Blanton, Ph.D
Lori Brookins
David Conrad
Giselle Fetterman
Susanna Leers
Jeffrey McDaniel
Darlene Motley, Ph.D
Tomar Pierson-Brown, Esq.
Richard W. Reed, Jr.

Trustee Emeritus:

William P. Getty, Esq.
Ruthie D. King
Jane Nicholson, Esq.
Ronald Gebhardt*
Helen Faison, Ph.D*