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What Is FAME Academy?

The FAME Academy honors the comprehensive needs of the talented African American student by offering a proven template of preparatory activities designed to cultivate success at an independent private high school and ultimately prepare them for college. The FAME Academy program intends to foster a smooth, informed, and well-matched transition for its participants into FAME’s participating high schools (The Ellis School, The Kiski School, Sewickley Academy, Shady Side Academy, and Winchester Thurston School). With our eyes on that goal, FAME Academy provides middle school students an exceptional preparation for success in 9th grade at their high school of choice.

After three (3) summers and (two) 2 school years of enrichment learning with FAME, 8th grade Academy students are considered for admission to 9th-grade as a FAME Scholar at one of our independent participating high schools. Admission into an independent school is a goal for all of our participants. Students who complete the Academy program and do not attend one of our partner schools are still eligible to participate as a FAME Scholar. Academy families see the potential of attending an independent school as a valuable choice for their child’s secondary education, however after finishing the Academy, they exceedingly value the comprehensive support and college preparatory activities that FAME provides. Through this commitment to achievement-oriented African American students, who end up attending private and public high schools, FAME furthers its goals to have a lasting positive impact on the African American community in Pittsburgh and beyond.